Update on the Millionaire's Vine

It's been a few weeks since I've planned on putting up a Millionaire's Vine on our wall. So far the vine has held up and now has 6 or 7 aerial roots. I enjoy looking at it everyday and seeing its progress.

It has still a long way to go though to completely cover the vine supports I recently assembled, but I'm guessing the wait will all be worth it when the vine's "curtain" will cover the wall.

You might ask, where did DH get this plant (we hardly buy plants)? She took it as a cutting a long time ago when we visited the Blumen Resort last year.

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Rayjenn Charlotte said...

How much time will it take for a baby Millionaires Vines to grow? How do the roots of this plant look like?

Blackdove said...

It grows quite fast. It probly woudn't take 6 months before it can take over the canopy of a trellis. There's nothing remarkable about its roots. Just a warning, this is very invasive vine.