About Me

Who Am I?

Hello, I'm Blackdove, the Practical Gardener. My wife Irene and I maintain this site. Welcome! I'm a retired professional, having worked in the corporate world for 30 years.

My hobbies include webmastering, writing and of course, gardening. I'm also a handyman of sorts around the garden and have built some pretty nifty projects around the garden. Nothing big nor expensive, but they're functional just the same.

Why Do I Garden?

Much of my gardening skills have rubbed off from my gardening partner, Irene. I also consider it therapy for stress and keeps me active for much of the day. I find it fascinating that one can become a custodian and take care of plants - God's creations. Here's a quote that sums it up.

"A garden is never finished because a gardener's work is never done. In some small scale, gardeners continue God's creation. We see God's hand in every seed that sprouts, every flower that blooms, every tree that bears fruit."

Why Do I Write Articles?

Why not? When I was just starting out my part-time attention to gardening, I maintained a gardening journal or logbook. In this journal, I basically wrote what I did in the garden. These activities included listing the plants I air-layered, repotted, relocated as well as plants that I propagated. In these entries, I also included the techniques and various products and experimentation that I used.

There is so much that I learned while documenting these experiences in my gardening journal, that I decided to put them online. I'm quite sure that many would benefit from these experiences.

How Can You Benefit From This Site?

Just click on the links that you see peppered throughout my website. There are many tips and techniques to be learned and many of them are inexpensive to do. Some articles even have step-by-step tutorials as well as videos.

So go ahead, browse around and click on the links!