Building a Trellis for the Cypress Vine - Part 2

This is the continuation from Part 1 on how to build a trellis for the cypress vine. With simple materials and tools, it's easy to construct the lattice-like trellis.

The photo below shows the behavior of the cypress vine to twine to the support vine. So it's important to have plenty of vertical members for this trellis.

Here's how to construct the trellis:
  • With a pair of pliers, wind a steel wire to the topmost horizontal wire member as shown below. The top horizontal steel wire must be anchored to the wall with concrete nails. The white thin insulated wire below forms the lattice of the trellis.

  • Here's the detail of the concrete nail with a steel wire wound around it. Ensure there is some clearance between the wire and the wall. Three-fourths to one-inch is enough to allow the branch vines to pass through.

    If concrete is cracking or flaking off, use a sealant (light brown stuff) to support the nail. The white insulated thin wire below forms a horizontal member on the lattice.

  • Connect the horizontal white wire to another vertical steel wire of the frame.

  • String the thin wire by winding it on the horizontal members as shown below. This will become the vertical member of the lattice.

    The cypress vine is a lightweight vine and can easily be supported by thin wires.

  • Here's the detail of the lattice. You don't need pliers to wind the white wire but ensure there is little slack, if any, between windings.

  • When the white wires were all strung on to the framework, the lattice will look like the trellis below. Notice the cypress vine working its way on the trellis.

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