Build a Bleeding Heart Wall Trellis - Part 1

Two months ago, I learned from DH that we had a Bleeding Heart Vine (Clerodendrum thomsoniae). When I looked at it, the plant was in a pathetic state. It was in a small pot and was probably three and a half feet high. I took the pot and positioned it near a post where it will get ample morning light. The photo below is the plant as I saw it BUT WITHOUT the two bamboo sticks.

That's right. Without the bamboo sticks, the plant's branches were essentially sprawled on the ground and nearby plants. The plant, being a vine, was unable to stand on its own without a support structure.

This plant came from a cutting that DH saved from a mother plant that was 10+ years old. The cutting was already about 2 feet high last year. It has since grown to its height now although I wouldn't say it's been thriving. Upon closer inspection, you'll notice some of the leaves have holes and were more likely eaten by some kind of a leaf cutting insect or bug.

So I immediately took the pot away from where it was originally, assuming there were nasty bugs there. I also stuck a couple bamboo sticks in the pot soil, tied them both at the top and propped up the vine's branches on the sticks. This was only a temporary measure.

Apparently, this poor plant needed a suitable and permanent home. And that led me to the project to build the Bleeding Heart Trellis.

See the continuation in Part 2.

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