Build a Bleeding Heart Wall Trellis - Part 4

In the previous entry or Part 3 of this how-to series, I wrote about a successful vine thriving on a tall trellis. I also listed some considerations on why I decided to build a trellis made of steel wire.

For the Steel Wire Trellis project, here are the materials and tools you'll need:

Steel Wire - Gauge 14, 120 feet
Square Hooks - 2", 21 pieces
Plastic Expansion Shield (tox) - #5 or size for the square hook screw, 21 pieces
Epoxy Clay
Quick Dry Enamel Paint

Vise Grips
Channel Type Pliers
Long Nose Pliers
Power Drill
Concrete Drill Bit - size appropriate for the square hook screw
Paintbrush - 1"

Here's the roll of steel wire I used. I don't know how long this is because Ace Hardware sells it by weight. I believe the pictured roll below weighs 1/2 kilo.

This is the epoxy clay that can be used for the project. This type is for steel. Although you can also use the type that's used for water pipes for a leak-proof seal.

Epoxy clays come in two separate parts. For the steel-type epoxy clay, one part is inside and the other on the outside as shown below. The two parts are mixed together at the time of application. The mix immediately cures into a hard bond.

This is the power drill with a drill bit.

Hand tools for working on the steel wire: Vise grip, Channel type pliers and Long nose pliers.

Two-inch square hook. The 2-inch length does not include the screw part of the hook.

Plastic expansion shield (tox) for the square hook's screw.

Armed with the basic assembly materials you're now ready to mark the drill points for the trellis anchors.

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