Cutting and Disposing Thorny Plant Branches - Part 2

(This is the continuation from Part 1)

Procedure for Disposing Cut Branches:

  1. Lay out a couple of lengths of plastic yarn on the ground, parallel to each other at around 1 foot distance.

  2. Lay out newspaper sheets on top of the plastic yarn lengths.

  3. Neatly stack the pruned plant stems or branches one at a time on top of the laid out newspaper sheets as shown below.

    Keep them as straight as possible. Position the thorny portions of the branches in the middle portion of the newspapers. You want to minimize the foliage with thorns that is jutting out of the newspaper when you roll it up.

    Try to avoid stepping on the pile of branches on the ground. Be sure to wear adequate footwear. thorns on the branches may penetrate some footwear.

  4. Carefully roll-up the newspapers sheets and wrap them around the plant stems and branches. Keep the wrapping as tight as possible without the thorns getting through the newspapers.

  5. Keeping the bundle tight, bring the one plastic straw or yarn up and tie together its ends tightly.

  6. Do the same for the other plastic yarn and tie its ends as well, but make one of the ends longer than the other.

  7. Tie the longer end of the second yarn to one of the ends of the first yarn. Connecting them will form a "handle" for the bundle.

  8. You can then carry and dispose of the bundle safely and conveniently.

Whether cutting or deadheading with pruning shears, pruning scissors or a pruning saw, removal of foliage is a must in gardening - even for foliage with spikes and thorns.

After seeing our trash of pruned thorny plant stems and branches neatly bundled this way, the collectors quickly hauled them without problems. They no longer had to hurt themselves unnecessarily when handling the thorny foliage pruned from the garden.

In summary, here's a video clip of the steps for your reference:

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