Garden and Yard Trash Bag Holder - DIY

It seems that there will be too much garden and yard waste or trash. No matter how we practice composting or burning using my homemade garden trash incinerator, there will always be extra yard trash to handle. This is especially during the rainy season when the incinerator gets out of commission since everything is wet and won't burn.

In this situation, we have no choice but to bag leaves, flowers and twigs for the garbage haulers to pick up. That is why disposable garbage bags are a huge convenience for gardening also. Unlike indoors, we don't use a trash bin for the garden and the yard. Instead, we use a trash bag holder to hold the disposable trash bag.

Garden and Yard Trash Bag Holder Tutorial

There are commercial trash bag holders that can be purchased in hardware and even gardening centers - just like the one in the thumbnail photo above. Most of these have frames made of metal rods or thick wires that are easily assembled or set up. Some have metal parts that are galvanized to weather rusting. They may cost anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars.

But why spend if you could easily make a garbage bag holder out of simple household items (even scrap) and a few adhesive hooks. This tutorial goes through step-by-step on how to assemble a garbage bag holder you can use in the garden or yard.

Homemade Garbage Bag Holder from Scrap

  • Plastic stool: 1 pc.

    This is the plastic stool of regular height and with four legs, not a bar stool, not a foot stool. Shown below is a plastic stool we no longer use (scrap). One of the legs developed a crack where it joins to the seat and so the stool has become unsafe to use.

  • Adhesive hooks: 4 pcs.

    These may be bought in packs of 4 or 5 from hardware stores. They have adhesive backing for easy placement. Choose the ones with metal hooks that can be bent. Shown below is a sample of such an adhesive hook.

  • Disposable garbage bag: 1 pc.

    Here's a sample disposable garbage bag that I use. This type has flaps that can be tied.

How to Make a Trash Bag Holder

  1. Take the plastic stool and invert it so the seat is on the floor and the legs are raised up. Ensure that the bottom of the legs have a flat surface which is free from dust and grime.

  2. Peel off the backing of one adhesive hook to expose the adhesive as shown below.

  3. Position the adhesive hook on the bottom surface of the leg with the tip of the hook pointing away from the stool as shown in the photo below. Press the hook's adhesive part firmly on to the surface.

  4. Do the above two steps to the rest of the four legs of the stool. When completed, the hooks should appear as in the photo below.

  5. Take a disposable garbage bag and open it. Position the opened garbage bag in between the four legs of the inverted stool. While holding the flaps, let the bottom of the garbage bag dangle.

  6. Separate the flaps and slowly pull one of the flaps of the bag towards one of the hooks.

  7. With the flap over and covering the hook, push the flap towards the hook so the hook's tip will puncture the flap of the garbage bag. This is easily done if the hook is thin and a bit pointed like the one below.

See part 2 for the continuation of this article.

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