Easy Grafting Technique for Adenium (Desert Rose)

The Adenium obesum is one of the most grafted among ornamental plants in Asia, and for good reason. So many beautiful varieties of interesting colors, patterns and forms have come about.

For quite some time I've been toying with the idea of grafting an Adenium obesum or Desert Rose plant. Actually, I've previously done a V-cut or Wedge graft on an Adenium obesum plant. It was a third attempt and the only successful one thus far.

My only regret is not having experimented this flat-cut grafting much sooner. Never did I realize is that it would be much easier to do than the wedge graft once you know the simple technique. This is at least true for Adeniums.

Shown below is the beautiful red Adenium plant that was successfully grafted to the more common pink Adenium variety. In other words, the scion came from an Adenium plant with red petals with black edges while the stock was of the pink colored flower. The flower from the grafted adenium has deep red colored petals with black edges and a yellow throat.

"SangRasSaMee" is the name of this red hybrid. The dark red petals that contrast with bright yellow throat make this hybrid interesting.

Step by Step Guide for a Simple Flat Graft Technique


  • Clear bag - Small sized clear plastic bag to cover and protect the scion until the graft cut heals. It also helps maintain humidity.
  • Clear strip - 1" by 5" strip cut from clear plastic sheet.
  • Rubber band or twist ties - For tying and securing the clear bag.
  • Scotch tape or tying material - For securing the Adenium scion to the Adenium stock.
  • Adenium stock
  • Adenium scion

  • Scissors - For cutting the clear strip and tying materials.
  • Cutter or Sharp garden knife - For cutting the Adenium stock and scion.


  1. Find a portion of a healthy branch of the Adenium stock that will be suitable for the graft. Feel the branch to estimate its thickness and regularity of shape. Generally, a thickness of about 1/2" to 3/4" inch would be adequate.

  2. Select a portion of a healthy branch of the Adenium scion that will be suitable for the graft. Try to match the thickness with that of the selected portion in the Adenium stock. With a sharp cutter or knife, cut a length of the Adenium scion that is around 1" to 2". I usually choose a length that would have 2 nodes in it. Notice the branch below is a bit long and you could cut several pieces of it that would serve as scions.

  3. Cut the Adenium stock branch at the grafting point. Make the cut flat and as clean as possible.

    Notice that the Adenium stock branch is more mature and wrinkly in appearance than the greenish Adenium scion.

  4. You might notice sap coming out from the wound of the Adenium stock and scion. No need to wipe this and do not touch the newly cut wounds of either the Adenium stock or the scion. This is to avoid contamination on the freshly cut wounds.

(See Part 2 for the continuation of this article)

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Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Why grafting is required for adenium

Blackdove said...

Hello Charanjit. The reason we do grafting for adeniums is to be able to propagate the nice hybrids that are available. Propagation of these hybrids by grafting has a better success rate than by seeds, if they're even available. By using native root stocks, this ensures that the resulting graft growth will be hardier and healthier.

Unknown said...

Which part of the year it will be good to cut adenium.

Blackdove said...

Hello Kaushal Kumar. For me, I would cut adeniums for grafting during the dry or hot months of the year. It is best to prevent the new grafts from getting wet.

Unknown said...

Grafting of Adinium can be done in Rainy season. Or better in February to March.

Unknown said...

Can grafting of Adinium be done in Rainy season.

Unknown said...

Purning & Grafting of Adinium can be done in July-August or better to do in February end.

Unknown said...

Can I purn & graft adinium plants in July- August or better in February-March.

Unknown said...

Where is the cambrium layer in adenium.

Goutam Chandra Das said...

Dear Sir,
What is the"Month"best for Adenium grafting and cutting.
Thanks and Regards

Ritam said...

How long time does it take, for grafting process to be successful during the month of May, in adenium plants?

Unknown said...

Thks for the tips.is very useful

Niraj Kumar Sinha said...


Unknown said...

I have grafted with a short stem without taking off the leaves. I did not take a small Scion for the grafting.
Will it be successful?

Blackdove said...

It's difficult to say if the graft will be good. A bigger stem with leaves will require much energy from the stock plant - and its survival may be poor.