Repair a Rotted Built-in Bamboo Container Trellis - Part 2

(This is the continuation of Part 1)

Here is the procedure to repair a rotted bamboo trellis by removing the damaged parts and then replacing them with steel rods.

Replace the Rotted Bamboo Rods with Steel Rods


  • Steel rods - 4 pcs, 12" long
  • Steel wire - gauge #14
  • Pliers with cutting tool
  • Hacksaw
  • Screwdriver or stick


  1. Inspect the rotted parts of the bamboo rods and the extent of the damage.

  2. With a hacksaw, cut off the rotted parts. Ensure that the remaining ends of the bamboo rods are still good and solid. The remaining length of the bamboo rods should all be equal after sawing off the rotted parts.

  3. With a hacksaw, cut 4 pieces of steel rods. The steel rods I have are scrap rebars (reinforcement bars) that I previously painted before storing.

    The 12" length would be enough so that the bamboo part of the trellis is raised above the pot. When the trellis is completed, only the steel rods will be touching the soil. It is the part of the trellis that will become wet when watering the plant.

  4. Position a steel rod alongside one of the bamboo rod ends. An overlap of around 6" to 8" would be enough for fastening. Secure the steel rod to the bamboo rod on two points spaced 4" to 6" apart

  5. With the cutting tool of a pair of pliers, cut two pieces of steel wire around 4" long.

  6. With a pair of pliers, bend and form the steel wire around the positioned steel rod and bamboo at one of the fastening points as shown below.

  7. Twist both ends of the wire. Bend any protruding wire end with the pliers as shown below. This is to avoid scratches and injury.

    Keep the wire as tight as possible so it doesn't slide along the length of the bamboo. This also ensures the steel rod is fixed, secure and won't slide out.

  8. Here's how the fastening would look like when completed.

  9. Do the same on the second fastening point spaced 4" to 6" away. The photo below shows the completed fastening of one of the steel rods.

    The steel rod that extends beyond the bamboo will be the part of the trellis that will be inserted into the pvc slot and buried in the soil.

  10. Show below is the back side of the bamboo with the fasteners. Notice how the wires are tightly fastened and slightly dig into the bamboo material.

  11. Fasten the rest of the three steel rods as in the foregoing steps.

  12. Clean out the debris in all the pvc pipe slots (trellis leg holders) with a piece of stick or screwdriver as shown below.

    It is not necessary to remove all the debris. The slots should be clear enough so that the steel rods will reach the bottom of the slots.

  13. Reinstall the newly repaired bamboo trellis by inserting all four steel rods in the slots as shown below.

    Notice the bamboo parts of the trellis are now elevated from the pot soil. It is just the steel rods that are now buried in the pot.

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