Straightening and Healing a Broken Branch in a Vine - Part 2

(This is the continuation from Part 1)

  1. Ensure that the entire length of the leader branch is secured to the stake.

  2. Avoid touching the top part of the damaged branch. Wait for the wound to heal. Roughly 2 months is enough.

After 2 months, I inspected the inside of the plastic straw pieces. I carefully removed the twist ties securing the wounded portion to the stake. I wasn't sure what to expect since it has been two months since I covered the wound. The stem seemed to have healed since it felt firmer and able to stay erect by itself.

I saw mealy bugs feasting on the previously covered portion of the branch. I wasn't expecting the presence of mealy bugs there, but I wasn't totally surprised. After all, mealy bugs are a notorious pest in our garden.

Here's a detailed view of the mealy bugs and from another angle.

Removing the Mealy Bugs

Removing the mealy bugs wasn't difficult. I simply scratched them off with my thumbnail and fingernails. Removing the mealy bugs exposed the successfully healed wound. There was a sign of callousing but not too much. The portion where the wound was looked thicker, harder and darker.

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