Nong Nooch Vines or Petraeovitex bambusetorum

Shown below are the beautiful drooping yellow flowers of the Nong Nooch Vines (Petraeovitex bambusetorum). Locally, these vines are sometimes called by plant traders as "Golden Garland" or "Yellow Garland". The yellow color of the flowers sometimes resemble the color gold.

When the flowers are set side-by-side as shown by the photo above, they look like string curtains. The strings of flowers actually come from individual plants in hanging baskets.

How to Propagate the Golden Garland

The reason I have so many of these vines in hanging baskets is because they are so easy to propagate. The best method I found to be both easy and effective is the propagation technique by air-layering or marcotting. There are a few ways you can do this to a single plant.

Compound Marcotting

You could actually marcot a single branch on several points along the length of the branch. Thus, series of marcots can be made on one branch. This is called Compound Marcotting. I discussed these extensively in the two articles below:

  1. Serpentine Air-Layering or Compound Marcotting

  2. Easy Compound Marcotting or Air-Layering for Quick Propagation

Compound Marcotting for a plant with multiple branches may be daunting to some because the branches typically crowd each other. But there is a way to do this in this article: Air-Layering Marcots in Crowded Branches (Nong Nooch Vine). This technique is applicable to other vines or plants that have similar growth behavior.

By hanging baskets of the Golden Garland along a garden pergola or arbor, you will create the illusion of a beautiful curtain. This is not only aesthetic but also functional for it doubles as a screen for privacy in the garden.

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