Adding Another Vine Layer

After seeing the assortment of plants and vines in the gardens of the churches we visited, I had second thoughts in putting just the Millionaire's Vine (Cissus Sicyoides) or Princess Vine or Curtain Ivy (as it's commonly known on the internet) on our blank wall. Locally, many refer to it as Millionaire's Vine, so I'll simply call it Millionaire's Vine from hereon for brevity.

If I were to envision the vine when it has matured with its curtain threads, it'll probly look boring with it covering all the wall. The concrete block wall is around 10 feet high and is adjacent to the neighbor's firewall. So it's practically all wall with nothing else on it. And so I thought of putting layers of vines on this wall. Here's a drawing of what I had in mind.

In the above, the original plan was to have the Millionaire's Vine crawling on top of the ledge where the red and yellow lines are. And that's it. In fact, I've worked on the wall supports for the vine already. But nothing's wasted. I would just continue and add another layer of vine supports under the top ledge. This second layer is the pink and the blue line.

I'm already thinking of "painting" the wall with 4 colorful vines. But that's getting ahead of myself. Actually, the width of that yellow line on the wall is 9 feet. Too small of a vine space? Too cluttered in the end? I don't know. But that red line basically extends further towards the back and is 16 feet wide. So yup, it'll be interesting to add colors to break that monotony. And just looking at the sketch above tells me there are so many possibilities!

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