Thin Wires - A Versatile Gardening Material

That's thin insulated (solid strand) wires. They're so "cheap" you could actually get them free from discarded cables or wires.

The sample below shows a brown sheath covering 3 insulated solid strand wires inside (black, red and white).

You simply take a cutter and cut lightly along the protective brown sheath. Tug on the wires inside so the brown sheath is torn apart. Separate the thin wires inside.

Some cables (modem and telephone) would have more thin wires inside, around eight or so. You could use those too.

These thin wires:
  • Are so thin you could cut them with simple pliers or cutters.
  • Have high tensile strength despite their size.
  • Are flexible and pliable enough that you could work them with your fingers, ie, no need for special tools.
  • Are insulated thus making them corrosion and rust proof.
  • Don't require painting in many cases.

They are very handy and useful in many situations like in training vines, building support structures, or anything that requires tying in gardening. Even the outer brown sheath may be used for tying plants together or to poles.

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