Wall Support for Millionaire's Vine

After some thinking, I'll put up a Millionaire's Vine somehow on our blank wall. In the photo below, the top of the concrete blocks forms a ledge where the vine could rest. The ledge is around 11 to 12 feet high. Here's the ledge as seen from below.

That's the top of an 8-foot aluminum ladder on the right. On the left is a concrete planter. I don't think a vine would stay on the ledge (which is slanted downwards) and not fall off and so I thought of putting a long wire along that ledge where the vine's tendrils could attach. The wire will be strung on secure anchors.

Shown below, I used varying sizes of concrete nails for anchors. I drilled holes on the ledge and smeared sealant to secure the concrete nails. Although there's a good 6 inches of space there, I didn't want to risk breaking off concrete by hammering the nails and so I used a drill. The nails on both ends were around 3 inches long and the drill holes are 1 inch deep.

To help guide the vine upwards, I used an old insulated wire (black) and hooked it on the strung wire.

I then attached some pieces of thin wires (tie wire would do) along the insulated wire. These are the thin wires with white insulation.

They would temporarily hold the vine until it secures itself on the top wire support.

Well, whaddaya think? My next problem is how to ensure that the vine doesn't become too robust. Maybe I could trim the vine often. Any vine pruning tips out there?

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