Millionaire's Vine for the New Wall

In our neighborhood, I've seen some houses with a plant that hereabouts is called the Millionaire's Vine. I don't know how it got the name though. Maybe some Pinoy planted it, won the Lotto and thereupon baptized it as "Millionaire's Vine". Elsewhere in the web, however, it's known as Princess Vine or Curtain Ivy (Cissus Sicyoides). Here's a definition:
Princess vine or Curtain Ivy belongs to Vitaceae (Grapevine family). It is an evergreen perennial vine that is native to Florida, south Texas, Mexico south to Central America and Caribbean. This vine occurs in brushy areas and rainforests, and produces a dense mantle that covers other vegetation. Mature stems have swollen nodes and thin peeling bark. Long reddish aerial roots droop down from the axils. Leaves are broadly rounded or ovate, and entire. Yellow-green flowers are seen in the cymes that extend from the axils.

Anyway, these neighbors would have these vines above a pergola. They look nice with the hanging threads that have pinkish tips. The house below has a thick bushy vine on top of a pergola.

It's funny coz under this pergola, there's even a garden set and a hammock. I see the occupants having beer or snacks even when there's a slight drizzle! So yeah, the vines are really thick and leafy enough to ward off light rain. Here's a magnified view of the hanging threads with pink tips.

Not all pergolas with thick Millionaire's Vines work well though - at least in my opinion. Below is a house whose wooden pergola is close to a wall corner. The plant is very bushy and it's already dark under it. See how gloomy it appears? You couldn't even see the hanging threads.

Since I don't have a pergola, how will I plant the vine then? Well, my blank wall has a ledge near the top and I figure, that space would be enough for the vine. Hmmm. We'll see.

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rhaznaey said...

hi good day! Where do I get a vine like that too? Where did you buy it and how much does it cost?

Blackdove said...

Hi rhaznaey. This vine is common and is quite easy to spot. I didn't buy my vine. I just took cuttings and they grow easily.

Nei said...

what part of the plant is best "cutting" to replant? young sprout (top leaves), mature stem (woody part) or other parts? around what length of cutting is best? i've been looking for this too but can't find any for sale. any tip would be helpful, thanks!!

Blackdove said...

Hi Nei. This is one of the easiest vines to root. The mature part for a cutting that's around 6 inches would do. Just leave one or two pairs of leaf nodes. Cut the leaves if they're too big. I also find that they root quickly during the rainy season.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I really need Millionaire's Vine for our research and we can't find any. Can you suggest where we can find that vine.

Blackdove said...

These are large vines and would require a trellis. Typically, you'd see them in large gardens. Your best bet would be gardens in church compounds or resorts.