How to Lay or Replant Lawn Grass Sod or Turf

This post would be the logical continuation or part 2 of how to remove turf. But this part is much easier.

Here's what to do:
  1. Measure the area of the turf to be planted. If your soil is good and has good drainage, skip step 2.

  2. With compacted clay soil that lacks good drainage, dig the hole roughly 6 inches deep and place some gravel. In the absence of gravel, you may use crushed old garden pots. Refill the hole with good garden soil.

  3. Take out some soil from the surface so the area is just an inch deep. You can see a part of the turf to be planted at the bottom of the picture.

  4. Carefully place the turf in the dug out hole ensuring the roots are all under the turf.

  5. Water the newly planted turf.

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