Remove Odor from Dog and Cat Poo

For months I've been having problems with stray cats and my dog doing their toilet activities in my front lawn. I could sweep up the poo and put it in a compost pit. But the odor from the leftover poo on the grass could be so bad that I couldn't linger much longer to tend to the garden. Not only that, even the compost pit would smell really bad and flies just swarm around. Ugh.

I found a product at SM Ace Hardware that removes this odor. It is in powdered form and curiously, it doesn't seem to have a name brand. But for almost Php100 it weighs 2kg (that's a lot!) and effectively removes the bad odor.

Just sprinkle the powder on the malodorous source. The powder itself doesn't smell and you could handle it with your hands. Here I sprinkled the powder on the leftover poo.

From the package label, it reads that you can apply it on trash bins, compost pits and all poo. It's made from pulverized diatom rocks (diatomaceous earth - you can look it up on the web). It's biodegradable so that's a definite plus.

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Unknown said...

Which SM store is this ACE Hardware located at? I've been to Aura and SM Taytay and they have no idea what this is.

Blackdove said...

This was bought at SM Tunasan in Muntinlupa. You might want to call first if they still have it.

Anonymous said...

Blackdove, have you tried covering the poo with SOIL? It's an old practice. I've tried it in my yard; dug a pit and each time I deposit collected poo I cover it with soil. The same goes for kitchen waste or anything that rots. Helps with methane and carbon capture too.

Blackdove said...

It tickled my fancy and that's the reason I bought it and because my dog's poo really smells bad. Certainly, you can use soil. I've also used saw dust (which we get for free).