Tool Belt Bag for Trellis Gardening

If you're like me and work on high trellises, chances are you'd want to use something like this. Linemen who work on electric posts or handymen who work on roofs use something similar. This one could easily contain a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, measuring tape, pencils, etc.

I bought this tool belt bag as a Father's Day present for me (thanx DH!) and cost Php419.75. It has a belt loop but doesn't come with a belt - so I have to find an old thick belt for it.

But if you don't want to spend a cent, you could use an old ordinary belt bag you no longer use. A belt bag with multiple large compartments would suit just fine especially if you don't need to bring many tools at the same time. Just make sure its durable enough.

The point is, when I was assembling and working on the high vine supports and trellises on a 7-foot aluminum ladder, I would:
  1. Go up the ladder bringing the brackets, nails and hammer and attach the brackets.
  2. Go down the ladder to get the tape measure.
  3. Go up the ladder to measure off the wall for the wire.
  4. Go down the ladder to get wire.
  5. Go up the ladder to... well, you get the idea.

And I'd go up and down the ladder for stuff such as getting a pencil and marking, getting a pair of pliers for cutting and splicing and so on. At the end of the day, I'd feel my knees complaining from the soreness. So, save your knees and be productive up on the ladder!

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