A Better Way to Tie Metal Wires to a Trellis Bracket

With the success of the vine attachments I assembled for the flowering vines in the front yard, I decided to do the same for the backyard. We're hoping to grow vegetables here and have ampalaya (bitter gourd), patola (sponge gourd) and maybe pipino (cucumber) - all of them climbing vines.

In this new project, however, I discovered a better way of tying the metal wire to the bracket that will form the trellis.

This method binds the metal wire tighter to the bracket thus making it more rigid and stable.

Here's how to do it:
  1. Cut a short thin wire or twist tie (around 2 inches) and insert it in the single hole as shown. The metal wire goes in between the two ends of the tie wire.

  2. With a pair of pliers, pull on the two ends downwards so the tie wire is taut.

  3. Use your thumb and index finger to wrap around the tie wire onto the metal wire as shown below.

    If the tie wire is stiff, use a pair of long-nosed pliers.

    Here's how the final binding will look like.

  4. The binding of the other metal wire at the rear of the bracket with two holes is actually simpler.

    Wind the tie wire as shown below:

Do this several time for all the brackets. Here's the final trellis as shown in the perimeter fence in the backyard.

Be sure to anchor both end brackets of the trellis structure to make it stable.

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