Burning Leaves in the Lawn

A few months ago, we had our neighbor's tree cut. This was after asking permission of course. The trouble with all the cutting is that it left us with this.

The above is just a part of the huge mound of leaves, twigs and branches. Some of the branches have been cut and split into smaller pieces and have been sun-dried to be used as fuel.

The big problem was the leaves which was just too much. The tree is a Santol (Cottonfruit) and therefore has big leaves. We thought of incinerating the leaves but hesitated because we no longer have patch of soil where we could sweep and simply burn the dried leaves.

What we now have is a lush lawn with Carabao grass at the back.

And so we thought of burning the leaves inside a big old garden pot and we placed the pot on one of the garden's concrete steps. This was to protect the lush garden grass.

It took a few days to completely finish off the whole lot. We'd burn the leaves late in the afternoon to smoke the whole surroundings of mosquitoes.

Did you know that the dengue mosquitoes are more active at around 4pm to 7pm? And so we smoked the leaves at around 6 pm. That's early evening when the neighbors' hung clothes are already dry and taken in. So they won't be complaining about their clothes smelling of smoke.

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