Cypress Vine Update - Full Use of the Trellis

Here's a quick update on the Cypress Vine. The first bloom has become a fruit and is now ready for picking for the seeds. It took a few weeks before it browned.

The small fruit yields only a few seeds - only two or three. They're small, black and oblong in shape.

From the previous small trellis, the vine's trellis was now expanded to cover the whole post.

Click here on how the trellis was built. The Cypress Vine grew so fast that it has now covered the entire white post.

Here's a shot of the topmost half of the post. Maybe it's green and red colors or the foliage, but looking at this vine gives me a "Christmassy" feeling.

And a shot of the lower part. For the vine to accomplish this formation, I needed to train it almost everyday and then cut the outgrowths that won't fit in the trellis.

That's because it grows so fast.

It's a prolific bloomer. But it being a member of the Morning Glory family, the blooms last only a day. They typically open early in the morning and close at the end of the day.

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