Bleeding Heart Vine First Bloom

Several weeks ago, I've been busy working on the trellis of our Bleeding Heart Vine (Clerodendrum thomsoniae). It was hard work, but little did I know that the vine will be showing its first bloom much sooner than I thought! Wow!

I've been watching this vine closely everyday and it is only today that I noticed it. Here's the tiny flower with the calyx still a bit greenish. Presently it's about a half-inch long. It will eventually become a bit bigger and turn paper white and then the deep red corolla will emerge thereafter - thus the nickname Bleeding Heart.

Currently supporting the vine is a couple of bamboo sticks painted brown although the vine will eventually climb on the wire trellis above it. Just so you have an idea how still small the flowers are, here's a photo showing the whole plant with the tiny flower encircled. There's a small faucet at the lower left portion of the photo for size reference.

This will be my first entry of a series of posts on the beautiful Bleeding Heart Vine. Stay tuned for the next posts that will discuss care, maintenance and how to assemble a sturdy wire trellis for the vine.

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