Build a Bleeding Heart Wall Trellis - Part 2

After seeing the sorry state our vine was in, I was determined to find a new home for it. In Part 1 of this how-to series, I simply propped it up temporarily with a couple of bamboo sticks.

I googled the internet for successful flowering Bleeding Heart Vines and saw a couple of photos that blew me away.

This one is quite incredible.

It is in a pot but with flowers aplenty! I couldn't imagine the number of flower clusters in this plant. It's as if the color of the white calyxes simply overpower the green leaves.

Well, as as they say, "to see is to believe". And after seeing the above, I suppose it IS possible to have such prolific flowering.

  • EVEN if the vine is in a container (garden pot)
  • and EVEN if there's no trellis.

Since our plant has become lanky and tall, I was was looking for a photo of a Bleeding Heart vine thriving on a trellis. Why a trellis? This is to hopefully cover and add color to this blank wall of ours in front of the garage. That's the wall in the photo below:

The wall has a rough finish with just a coat of latex paint over it. There's nothing on it other than the mounted hose rack at the right and a small faucet on the bottom left. We bought that rectangular container for the vine although in the photo above it has some Gotu Kola's.

Since the wall is at the side of the garage, the plant needs to be as close as possible to the wall and cannot be too bushy. The good news is I found an internet photo of one vine that I was actually looking for.

This is from

Here's a closeup of the flower clusters or cymes.

Simply awesome isn't it? I was so impressed with the successful growth on the trellis that I had to contact whoever built it. See the continuation in Part 3.

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