Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow (Brunfelsia pauciflora)

The plant known as Yesterday Today Tomorrow (Brunfelsia pauciflora) is also known by its other common names: morning-noon-and-night, Kiss Me Quick, and Brazilian raintree. We bought our plant from a local garden show two years ago and has bloomed several times already. We chose to plant it in a pot because we didn't want it to grow too big.

And it's a good thing we did put it in a pot because we learned that it wouldn't fare too well in the extremely hot tropical sun. By potting it, we're able to move it in shadier parts of the garden as necessary.

The Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow plant, or Brunfelsia pauciflora, got its more common name because of its fragrant two-inch blooms. These flowers last for three days and change color with each day.

The first day they are purple (yesterday), the second day they change to a soft lavender shade (today), and on the third day they change to an almost white color (tomorrow).

Shown below are three flowers of the Brunfelsia in various stages of development.

The first color as when the bud blooms is at the left, colored purple. The second color is at the right, colored soft lavender (or pastel lilac). The third color is at the center and is white.

All three flowers have a slight delicate fragrance. Because each flower lasts for three days and goes through this colorful transformation, it is easy to tell whether it is a yesterday bloom or a shade representing today and tomorrow. The color change is unlike the usual tri-colored flowers on a single plant where they start off as white.

Location for the Yesterday Today Tomorrow Plant

While these tropical perennials do well in warmer climates, they do not enjoy extreme heat, and grow best in tropical climates in areas with partial shade. This is a plant that thrives in the heat and humidity which makes it ideal in tropical weather.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow plant can be successfully grown in containers ideal for a patio or entryway. Growing these plants in containers will keep them smaller and requires some pruning.

Buds of the Yesterday Today Tomorrow Plant

The buds start off with the color purple and many will appear at a time.

They have a strange alien-like appearance as shown below. Many parts of the plant are considered toxic or poisonous if ingested.

How to Propagate the Yesterday Today Tomorrow Plant

I was able to propagate this plant by cuttings. Only a few managed to root. I think, at least in my case, marcotting or air-layering was more consistent in getting it to root.

Marcotting the Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow plant is fairly easy. It has medium thick and semi-woody branches that allows safe marcotting or air-layering.

Here's a seedling we were able to grow from marcotting. And it now has flowers!

Watering and Fertilizing the Yesterday Today and Tomorrow Plant

The plant needs to be kept moist, but not overly wet. When you water the plant, if the water does not disappear into the soil within ten seconds, you need to stop watering. In extremely hot weather, you may water the plant up to twice a day.

During the rainy season, refrain from watering the plant if the soil continues to be moist. An organic fertilizer like homemade fish emulsion fertilizer would benefit this beautiful shrub.

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Unknown said...

What is the difference with Brunfelsia Grandiflora?

Unknown said...

Yesterday today and tomorrow is indeed poisonous to humans and animals. The leaves, flowers, and seeds are poisonous. Keep it away from your pets and loved ones.