DIY Mosaic Pots with Ceramic Tiles - Sealing the Tile Grout

(This is the continuation of Part 3)

When the tile grout has dried, the mosaic looks really good. The grout looks a bit chalky though and doesn't blend well with the rest of the glossy mosaic tiles. Not only that, the tile grout powder sometimes has the tendency to stick to your fingers when handling the pot.

And this is where you need to seal the grout with a tile grout sealer. The tile grout sealer penetrates the grout, fills and seals it. It leaves a waterproof surface with a shiny finish.

Sealing the Tile Grout

  1. The tile grout sealer is liquid and there's nothing to mix. However, do shake the tile grout sealer well. Spray some of the sealer on the mosaic garden pot. After spraying, spread the liquid around on the tile grout rather than on the tiles with your fingers. You may also use a small paint brush to apply the sealer on the grout.

  2. Apply sealer on anywhere there is grout. Don't forget the bottom and the top edges of the mosaic garden pot, as well as the inside where tile grout may have been applied.

  3. When the tile grout sealer has dried, you'll notice that the tile grout looks a bit glossy as shown below. This means the tile is sealed and is now waterproof.

  4. Wipe off the dried grout sealer on the tiles. Dried sealer on the tile is unavoidable after application. Fortunately, it's easy to remove. Wrap a damp rag around a finger and just wipe it off the tiles. This is also an opportunity to polish and buff the entire surface including the sealed grout of the mosaic garden pot.

  5. Shown below is our finished mosaic garden pot with ceramic tiles.

And here are some of the mosaic garden pots I've made. See how lovely they are when plants are added.

Features of a Mosaic Garden Pot with Ceramic Tiles

  1. Durable and Long-Lasting

    The addition of ceramic tiles to cover the garden clay pot thickens its walls. That alone makes it able to withstand forces that normally, a plain terracotta pot would not. The tile adhesive binds the tiles to garden pot permanently. The tile grout binds the tiles together. That creates a reinforced wall in a garden pot.

  2. Useable Indoor or Outdoor

    The mosaic garden pot is a work of art - almost like a piece of sculpture. It can be as colorful and beautiful as you want it to be. Indoors, it will cheer up a dull corner. With its reflective glazed tiles, the mosaic garden pot looks stunning and shimmers when light bounces from it. Outdoors, none of the colors will ever fade or peel by sun or rain.

  3. Easy Maintenance

    Unlike other decorative pots, especially those made for indoors, the mosaic garden pot won't be a dust (or stain) collector that will be difficult to clean. A quick wipe of a rag and it's good as new. Outdoors, grime and dirt are easily washed off because the surface is virtually flat and waterproof. A quick buffing and the shine all comes back.

In summary, here's the video tutorial:

Enjoy making mosaic garden pots!

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