Single Trunk of the Sandpaper Vine (Petrea Volubilis) - Part 3

(This is the continuation of Part 2)

Removing the guide wire at the top portion of the Sandpaper vine was not as easy as I thought. What I was seeing at the lower portion of the vine's trunk was actually the easiest part.

The top part of the main trunk appears to have been tightly wound by the guide wire as shown below.

Single Trunk of the Sandpaper Vine (Petrea Volubilis) - Part 2

(This is the continuation of Part 1)

In addition to the bamboo stake that props up the young Sandpaper vine, I tied a guide wire on the top end of the bamboo stake and attached it to the vine structure or trellis above it.

The guide wire, which is really a trellis starter, is a dual purpose device. First, it allows the new shoot of the vine to climb it. And second, it correctly guides the Sandpaper vine towards the vine structure or trellis above it.

Single Trunk of the Sandpaper Vine (Petrea Volubilis)

When we bought our Sandpaper Vine (Petrea Volubilis), I already had an image of it when it matures and flowers. Of course, I didn't have an exact timetable for that. But I was thinking it would be around two years.

What I envisioned would be a flowering vine that more or less resembled a small tree. It would have a main trunk that will be as vertically straight as possible. Or the trunk may be composed of a couple of very thick branches probably entwined to one another.

Black Leaf Spot Fungus Treatment on Bauhinia Kockiana - Part 2

(This is the continuation from Part 1)

The leaf spots on the Bauhinia kockiana vine are black and hence I call it black leaf spot. Fungi may appear as black dots in the spots, either in rings or in a central cluster. Over time, the spots may combine or enlarge to form blotches.

Black Leaf Spot Fungus Treatment on Bauhinia Kockiana

I've written in the past an article on the Bauhinia kockiana where I expressed my frustration in growing this plant. It's as if no matter what I did, the Bauhinia kockiana plant would have black spots on its leave that look like burn marks.

These spots seem to grow on the surface of the leaf. The areas on the black spot are paper thin and turn crispy. These spots do not disintegrate in that they create holes on the leaves. But they seem to burn the leaves.

Beware: Cheap Cow Manure May Have More in It

After taking home the two and half bags of cheap cow manure fertilizer from UPLB, we immediately unloaded them and readied one of the sacks to be used on the next day.

The soil of one of the wall-mounted garden pots seem to have shrunk over time. The roots of the Mandevilla vines in the garden pot were already showing. So I thought this would be the best time to apply the newly purchased cow manure.

Dispensing Spoon for Garden Chemicals - DIY

At one point in our gardening lives, we eventually may need to use garden chemicals. And there are many.

There are pesticides (insecticides, fungicides), herbicides (weedkillers) and all kinds of fertilizers. These garden chemicals, oftentimes inorganic, are typically in powdered form.