Designer Adenium Stem Sculpture - Basic Cage

After the tutorial on Adenium flat grafting method, we'll discuss a project on Designer Adenium Stem Sculpture.

Just when you thought that braiding the stems of adeniums (desert rose) was cutting-edge in transforming these already beautiful plants into an art form, here comes another.

Stems of adeniums are so flexible and versatile for all sorts of bending, cutting and splicing that there's plenty of options for stunning end-results.

Easy Compound Marcotting or Air-Layering for Quick Propagation

Spawned by the article on serpentine air-layering, I'm writing this one on how to easily propagate your favorite vines using compound marcotting.

As long as the vine branch is thick enough to perform marcotting, then you do marcotting in between nodes. Nodes that have leaves or foliage are preferable.

Before, I was hesitant to air-layer several parts of the vine (in other words multiple marcots), for fear that the vine may not have the "energy" to allow the marcots to root. That, however, is not so much the case.

Cleft Grafting, Top-Wedge Graft or V-Graft - Part 4

(This is the continuation from Part 3)

  1. Move the grafted plant to a quiet part in the garden where it will be shaded and won't be disturbed. I usually place it under the shade of taller garden plants.

Cleft Grafting, Top-Wedge Graft or V-Graft - Part 3

(This is the continuation from Part 2)

  1. To prepare the root stock, use the pair of pruning shears to cut. Just like the scion, ensure that the cut part of the stock has the greenish cambium just beneath the bark as shown below.

Cleft Grafting, Top-Wedge Graft or V-Graft - Part 2

(This is the continuation from Part 1)


How to Do Cleft Grafting on the Cape Honeysuckle

  1. If the scion plants and stock plants are in containers or seedling bags, pre-soak them in a tray or shallow bin of water. This ensures the plants are well hydrated. Scions that dry up is a common problem. Soak them for 20 minutes or so.

Cleft Grafting, Top-Wedge Graft or V-Graft on Cape Honeysuckle

For quite some time, I've been toying the idea of being able to combine the different possible colors of the Cape Honeysuckle (Tecoma capensis) flowers in a single plant. I have actually three of these colors in different plants.

Purple Wreath Vine (Petrea Volubilis) Flowering

It has been two months now since I posted an article on the first ever flowering of our Sandpaper Vine also known as the Queen's Wreath Vine (Petrea volubilis).

In that article, I noted paired hairy-like new growths at the axils of the old branches. Although a bit skeptical, I was suspecting that these new growths may be the new racemes.

And I was right. They were all racemes and many of them almost a foot long now. The very first one grew to only about seven inches.